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AF International are a brand of MacDermid Alpha Electronic Solutions owned by Element Solutions Inc. As such we follow their corporate policies and terms and conditions.

To view the full and up to date details, please visit the ESI website HERE.

Our objectives require a strong corporate governance foundation. At Element Solutions, we take governance and compliance seriously. We are committed to operating responsibly and holding ourselves accountable for our actions and decisions. This requires disciplined Board oversight, uncompromising high standards of business conduct and ethics and proactive information security practices designed to protect our customers’ and employees’ data.

Above all, our governance frameworks and business policies are designed to create accountability within our company and promote compliance with applicable laws and regulations while simultaneously supporting the best interests of our company, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders.

Governance and Accountability

Our corporate governance framework defines our approach to oversight and accountability to ensure that our operations align with the interests of our employees and other stakeholders. Effective corporate governance is critical to the appropriate management of risk and the creation of long-term value.

To view more Element Solutions Policies, please visit the Element Solutions website.